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Move forward and jump into new opportunities.


The heart of our business is bankruptcy. Facing corporate bankruptcy involves serious implications and scary challenges. We’ll practically, creatively, and objectively analyze all of your options, and partner with you to forge a solution.


When it comes to commercial litigation, we’re experts. We can help you try to avoid litigation in the first place. However, if litigation is necessary, we’ll be with you every step of the way. If you have concerns about business torts, trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, or other commercial litigations, we can help!


The EB-5 investment program fuels the U.S. economy with business opportunities from foreign investors. For example, you can get a visa if you’re planning to create new job opportunities through your business. We can guide you through the process of applying to the program from both an immigration and business opportunity standpoint.


We believe that there is only one market, and that market is global. We believe great investments and substantial returns come from building powerful connections around the globe. Our international investment counseling can help you find the leaders, innovators, and companies at the helm of opportunity.


Securities litigation is a dynamic and highly specialized practice area. The laws are complex and the claims present defendants with exposure to large damage awards and adverse publicity. Because of this, it can easily become overwhelming to figure out your course of action. However, our unique experience allows us to evaluate your losses to determine whether you have a claim worth pursuing.


We’re here to help you move forward and jump into new opportunities. Whether you’re a Grand Rapids local looking for corporate bankruptcy or an international investor looking for guidance, our experienced team is here to help.

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