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Month: October 2016


The Rise of the B-Corporation in Modern Business

Business has the ability to impact more than just its shareholders, it can (and should) take responsibility for its surrounding environment. B-Corporations are the best example of a company that has taken on this social and environmental responsibility through a unique business model. Considered publicly transparent, B-Corporations are a trending movement in the economic realm.…
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eb-5 bankruptcy

Managing the Process of Bankruptcy with EB-5

Obtaining exit financing can be a difficult piece of the puzzle for chapter 11 corporate debtors. In fact, in a closely held company, the inability of equity security holders to retain their securities in light of the absolute priority rule in bankruptcy without finding new investors, can be a death knell to a reorganization from…
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Franchisors in the EB-5 market industry

Franchisors in the EB-5 Market

Franchisors looking for a new market in which to sell their franchises have a hidden opportunity with EB-5 investor visas, especially in the direct EB-5 market.  The news surrounding EB-5 investor visas has been closely tied to the Regional Center Pilot Program, and has focused on a few cases of fraud, antifraud and integrity measures,…
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Jay Peak Receivership scandal with a briefcase full of money.

Jay Peak Receivership: Effective Defense of Fraudulent Transfer Actions

  Immigration lawyers who practice in the EB-5 industry need to be aware that the Jay Peak receivership litigation is substantially more than just a black eye for the industry, and a problem for the investors who invested in the latest tranches of Jay Peak projects.  While those in the latest tranches lost their investments…
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President Obama signed the Continuing Resolution

EB-5 Regional Center Program Extended Until December 9, 2016

Continuing Resolution President Obama signed the Continuing Resolution (CR) on September 29th, continuing the EB-5 program at least until December 6th, 2016, with no substantive changes to the law. If you aren’t familiar with the CR, it is a short-term plan by Congress in order to keep the government open. This included programs funded by…
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