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Month: December 2016

impact investment brings clean water for third world areas

The Three Basic Parameters of Impact Investing

For investors who put their money into social or environmental projects in what is known as “impact investing”, determining how much of their investment actually achieves their objectives can often be difficult because results are often amorphous and ill-suited to quantification. Effectively defining how an investor’s contribution actually is distributed and measured breaks down into…
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new years goals for business owners

New Year Goals For Business Owners

Planning season is well underway.  Those of us who own and operate businesses are looking at the year that has now nearly ended, at our successes and failures, at how we spent our time productively and unproductively, and at our goals met and those we did not meet.  We look at all of these things…
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impact investing

Quick Start Guide To Impact Investing

Most impact investing occurs with exclusively the world’s wealthiest people. However, it’s not impossible for everyone else (98% of the population) who do not fit the criteria with this type of investing. What is impact investing? This relatively new term, “impact investing” is still not even commonly known by many professional investors. What it refers…
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