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Navigating the Opportunities that Power Progress with Experienced Financial Counsel

Above all, we are here to help you move forward and jump into new opportunities with the help of our bankruptcy expertise and financial counsel. 

In addition, we also bring over fifteen years of legal experience to the analysis and implementation of capital investment on a global scale. We strive to bring a personal, hands-on approach to financial counseling, business law, and legal due diligence.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we feel that pursuing profit, wealth, and personal fulfillment are worthy goals. We also believe that such pursuits are only effectively accomplished when undertaken in a thoughtful way. For example, we encourage keeping an eye on the long-term impact of decisions. We want to help improve your ability to do just that so we can all leave a positive impact. Why only watch your money grow when you can also watch local communities thrive by putting it to good use? We know that social impact can be achieved alongside healthy financial returns, and it is one of our core beliefs that if we can have a positive impact, we should.

At our firm, we pride ourselves on having no illusions or pretensions about our clients’ opportunities. Instead, we take a practical, realistic, and personal approach to everything we do. Because the intersection of opportunity and culture is a critical one, we’ve cultivated the expertise to provide cross-border business and financial counsel.

James Oppenhuizen provides financial counsel for bankruptcy.
James Oppenhuizen, Attorney

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