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International Investment

Professional International Investment Counseling

Your market is global – so is our expertise. We believe great investments and substantial returns come from building powerful connections around the globe. Our international investment counseling can help you find the leaders, innovators, and companies at the helm of opportunity.

Cross-Cultural Investment Strategy for an Uncertain World

As an international investment law firm, we understand that seizing investment opportunities can be scary without the knowledge and expertise to properly assess the risks involved. However, when analyzed properly, investment on a global scale can strengthen, diversify and even insulate your portfolio like nothing else.

We enlist a multidisciplinary approach to risk and opportunity assessment. Integrating our business analysis experience with the legal acumen of our international investment attorneys gives us the unique ability to evaluate the potential success of your investment objectively. We work closely with local governments and organizations on the ground. This helps us ensure even the most subtle cultural and regional factors are understood and addressed in our discovery. With this hands-on approach, we are able to forge vital connections that others can’t and uncover crucial angles that others won’t.

Our international investment attorneys have in-depth knowledge of and experience in various industries that deal with trade policy issues. They assist you with market access analysis as well as with international trade policy and negotiations.

Market Access Analysis

The integration of market access strategies is essential in the success of international investment. The careful analysis, conceptualization, and execution of strategies that correspond with both your company’s goals and the precise environment of your market of interest are crucial.

We combine technical expertise, trade knowledge, a worldwide network of contacts, and direct experience in international investment and foreign markets. This delivers an outcome that will certainly bring you benefits.

International Trade Policy and Negotiations

Our international trade law firm has had its fair share of multifaceted encounters with trade policy. For example, we’ve handled disputes between high-profile parties and initiatives that bridge the gap between foreign markets. Moreover, our international trade lawyers have collected insights and developed skills that enable them to tap into key markets in Asia, Europe, as well as in member states of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

We expand the global market by addressing policy disputes and trade barriers that could hinder you from breaking into foreign markets. When deemed necessary for your brand’s objectives, we prepare and pursue multifaceted remedies for our clients in cross-border disputes. This includes disputes through arbitration, US Dept of Commerce, Us State Dept, and World Trade Organization.

Oppenhuizen Law Firm, PLC has more than a decade of legal experience for the effective implementation of international investment. We use a personal approach to business law and legal due diligence so that we can successfully deliver strategic analysis and negotiations on your behalf.

Watch Your Money Grow and Local Communities Thrive

At the end of the day, investment is all about viable business endeavors and profit. However, we feel if we can have a long-term, positive impact on the areas in which we’re investing, we should. In particular cases like eco-tourism and community development projects in the developing world, the social impact can be more than you ever imagined, and the returns can be just as healthy as anything else. Your investment has the uncommon ability to equip an area with what they need to create jobs, educate their community, cultivate sustainability, and even emerge from a state of poverty – all with no sacrifice to your capital and healthy returns.

Any investment is always a risk. Investing in the developing world may seem too risky. This is why we focus on objective and in-depth legal due diligence to ensure we have all the details covered. Along with the profit potential, we’ll analyze the potential social impact of an opportunity – positive or negative – so you can make a responsible choice with your investment. If the opportunity is right, it truly can strengthen their communities as well as your portfolio.

Fostering Global Connections

Are you an NGO, Government entity, or Community Board looking to connect with American or other off-shore investors? Need help putting together a viable business plan, community development program or environmental sustainability strategy? Are you looking to take your already existing business/product international? In any case, we’d love to hear more about what you’re working on. We can help educate you on the state of the global market and facilitate the necessary global connections to achieve your goals.

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