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Commercial Litigation

Crucial Commercial Litigation Experience Makes the Difference

Companies can often navigate legal issues without the Court’s involvement. Sometimes, negotiation is an effective tool to resolve conflict. However, at other times, commercial litigation is unavoidable. We prosecute and defend our corporate clients against business tort claims in State Court, Federal Court, mediation, and Arbitration.

When It Seems Your Company May be Heading to Commercial Litigation

Is litigation your best option?

Our lawyers provide counsel on whether litigation is appropriate for your company. When needed, we prosecute claims for our business clients. For those times when businesses do find themselves in Court, we also defend claims.

Trade Secret Misappropriation

Were your trade secrets stolen and brought to your competitor? Is your competitor using that information to your company’s detriment? Michigan Courts dislike cooling the market by interfering with the business world. However, when moved by a litigant, they often intervene and hit “pause” to maintain the status quo while resolving the underlying dispute.

Our lawyers have experience both prosecuting and defending temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, and permanent injunctions.

Breach of Contract

Does your company sell a product to distributors? Does your company provide a service? Depending on the nature of your business and the type of dispute at hand, different rules may apply. We understand the nuances of contract law. This means we can figure out whether state common law, federal common law, or the Uniform Commercial Code governs and where to go from there.

Other Business Torts

Business torts often comprise commercial disputes. For example, these can include fraud, tortious interference with a contract, tortious interference with a prospective business opportunity, violation of a non-competition agreement, or a non-solicitation agreement. Sometimes, they are the genesis of the case, but other times, they simply supplement a contract claim. No matter the context, business torts create the risk of punitive damages and harm to a company’s reputation. We have experience in both prosecuting and defending business torts, and we have done so economically and effectively.

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