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EB-5 Investments

EB-5 Investment-Based Immigration is All About the Details

Considering EB-5 investment associated with immigration? Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to assess the EB-5 investor visa from both an immigration and business opportunity standpoint. We also partner with regional centers to solve common challenges and perform crucial due diligence.

Global Diligence in Investment-Based Immigration.

The EB-5 investment program is an excellent way to immigrate to the United States outside of traditional channels. It stimulates the U.S. economy through job and investment opportunities from foreign investors. As such, it enables entrepreneurs to apply for permanent residence under the condition that they invest in a USCIS-approved commercial enterprise and plan for permanent job creation for qualified workers.

If you’re applying for an EB-5 visa, it is important to note that the program involves a complicated process. It also requires an both an understanding of business opportunity assessment and expanded understanding of immigration law.

Unlike traditional immigration methods – like family or employment – investor visas are tied to the success of the venture you invest in. This alone means exhaustive due diligence is crucial. What might look on the outside like a captivating and energized opportunity, may not do well in the community in which it’s proposed. Conversely, what may not be as attractive of an opportunity may, in fact, be the most secure place to invest your money and protect your visa. We assess every angle for you so that you can invest with confidence.

Guiding You Through the Process

Our EB-5 immigration law firm has the unique expertise to assist and guide you through the immigration process as well. From the initial due diligence of the regional center or commercial enterprise to eventual applications with USCIS for permanent residence — we have the details covered.

We offer immigration law services in three major areas.

Migration Support

We are fully acquainted with the amazing opportunities that a Green Card provides for successful entrepreneurs and their families. As such, our EB-5 immigration attorney offers Migration Support, which focuses on inbound investment opportunities in The United States.

Development Project Finance

The program aims for foreign investors to fuel the U.S. economy through a specified capital investment in addition to the creation of at least 10 permanent and full-time jobs. Our EB-5 immigration lawyers are also expert business lawyers who assist in sorting out your Development Project Finance to generate inbound investment and, subsequently, the specified visa. We’ll also ensure all your project documents are compliant with US Securities Law.

International Market Entry for Businesses

The program is a great opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to attain permanent residency and operate a business in America. Through the International Market Entry for Businesses service, our law firm assists you in creating business plans that work with your strategy.

Oppenhuizen Law Firm, PLC believes that the market is global and that the global market is not a zero-sum game. All services that our EB-5 immigration lawyers provide aim to expand the market and create a global impact. This includes migration support, development project finance, and international market entry for businesses.

We utilize over a decade of legal experience in our personal approach to investment-based immigration. Fill in the contact form for a consultation today.

Download EB5 Due Diligence Brochure

Download our One Page Application and Due Diligence Brochure

Regional Centers

Amidst tumultuous global and national economies, and a fragile political climate, Regional Centers are experiencing more challenges than ever before. Every Regional Center’s challenges are unique to the communities they serve. We specialize in performing the due diligence unique to Regional Centers. In so doing, we apply a level of credibility to your projects that will be important to potential investors. Missing even the most minute details can cause unnecessary challenges for your project and could even impugn your integrity as an organization. However, we are dedicated to helping you navigate through the sea of potential problems and steer your team toward sealing the deal.

Whether you’re just starting out and looking to get approval from USCIS, or purchasing an existing regional center, or just need to get all the details in line to expedite an investment, we’ll be on the same mission you are to help you foster the community growth you’re working toward.