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Securities Litigation

Your non-market based investments need serious securities litigation

Securities litigation is a dynamic and highly specialized practice area.  The laws are complex and the claims present defendants with exposure to large damage awards and adverse publicity. Because of this, it can easily become overwhelming to figure out your course of action. However, our unique experience allows us to evaluate your losses to determine whether you have a claim worth pursuing.

Diligence, Litigation, Recovery

Investment values can and do often fluctuate as a result of ordinary market conditions. When losses are due to fraud, breach of contract, and negligence, it’s possible to recover those losses.

We have years of experience handling complex securities litigation on a national platform. In State and Federal Courts, through FINRA, and via pre-suit mediation, we have litigated some of the largest disputes stemming from the mortgage crisis.

We know how the deal should be put together. This means when deals go awry, we can take a second look. After review, we can determine whether the basis of the losses.

We understand the Nuance of Contract Law

Does your company sell a product to distributors? Does your company provide a service? Depending on the nature of your business and the type of dispute at hand, state common law, federal common law, or the Uniform Commercial Code might govern.

We utilize over a decade of legal experience in our personal approach to securities litigation. That means you’re in good hands. When you’re ready to get started, fill in the contact form for a consultation.