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Tag: Doing business in the developing world

Meeting the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations gathered, in part, to discuss the new Sustainable Development Goals, which chart a path for development in the developing world.  These are a follow up to the Millennium Development Goals, which have produce admirable results, as a step forward toward economic and social development in the poorer countries of the world. Last…
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Planning for Anti-Competitive Behavior

Among the various barriers to entry or growth of a company, but not often considered at the outset, is how a new business’ competition will react to it.  Today’s buzzword is “disrupt,” but despite a lot of advice regarding how to disrupt a market is available, not enough is said about how to respond to…
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Central American Opportunity

Better known for its violence, Honduras lies only 48 hours via container ship from Miami, and even closer to New Orleans.  Honduras is becoming safer, and is focusing on anticorruption efforts, as well as significant economic stabilization priorities.  Labor in Honduras is relatively inexpensive and the government is highly motivated to bring in foreign investment. …
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