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chinese eb-5 investors

Chinese EB-5 Investors Seeking Justice For Cases of Fraud

The Global Times and the Los Angeles Times each ran stories late last week in relation to a large fraud case in Los Angeles involving Chinese investors in the EB-5 Regional Center Pilot Program.   It is nice to see that the victims are beginning to pursue their remedies in court, but disappointing to see that…
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Franchisors in the EB-5 market industry

Franchisors in the EB-5 Market

Franchisors looking for a new market in which to sell their franchises have a hidden opportunity with EB-5 investor visas, especially in the direct EB-5 market.  The news surrounding EB-5 investor visas has been closely tied to the Regional Center Pilot Program, and has focused on a few cases of fraud, antifraud and integrity measures,…
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Direct investment from international investors with franchises can be used to acquire green cards.

Direct Investment Vs. Regional Center Investment

In the EB-5 world, most of the focus has been on the sunset of the Regional Center Pilot Program, which is set for September 30, 2016.  It is almost certain that the program will be extended through the passage of a Continuing Resolution, as part of the budget process, but its long-term survival is a…
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